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If you need something done in a jiffy, Beebop is your bug! After all, he IS the only member of the ZBZ who can really fly! Beebop is the “go-to” intern of the ZooBugs-Zoom. His insatiable curiosity and love for traveling make him one of the most relatable characters of the ZBZ.

Whatever the situation, the fun-loving Aiden always has a good joke to share. Along with his sister, Allie, Aiden is a researcher for the ZooBugs-Zoom. His sense of humor can get him into some precarious situations... and OUT of others!

Unlike her fun-loving brother, Aiden, Allie is a bit of a know-it-all. She loves her job as a researcher for the ZooBugs-Zoom and has a particular fascination with all things weather. Her quick thinking and thirst for knowledge aid the ZooBugs-Zoom on their many adventures

Ms. Auric
She is the head librarian of the ZooBugs-Zoom and as such, is responsible for keeping record of all the ZBZ’s exploits deep inside the ZooBug’s Film Vault. Her multilingual skills help the other members of the ZBZ wih translations and understanding other cultures.

Professor Artimus
He is the avuncular organizer of the ZooBugs-Zoom. Artimus is responsible for planning the group’s adventures. Before the crew embarks, the professor explains where they’re going and what they’ll be doing. As one of the smartest bugs on the planet, Artimus has a great appreciation for the world and its cultures.

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