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ZooBugs-Zoom is an educational and fun television program for children 3 - 8 years of age. In each episode, ZooBugs will travel the globe and universe thoughout history teaching children about the cultural and artistic experience each adventure offers.

Series Synopsis

Each episode will begin deep underground in the ZooBugs-Zoom Film Vault, where Professor Artimus has assembled a team of bugs with an insatiable curiosity and thirst for adventure! The team consists of Ms. Auric the team’s head librarian and multilingual translator, Allie and Aiden the sibling duo of researchers, and Beebop the dependable intern, who, along with Professor Artimus look forward to exploring every day.

Professor Artimus will brief the team on the day's upcoming adventures — where they’re going and what they’ll be learning — and before you can say “ZooBugs-ZOOM!” they’re off, ready to discover and explore! When they’ve reached their daily destination, the team members will explore the environment, subject matter, or culture of their given surrounding.

Once their exploration is complete, the ZooBugs-Zoom head home to the vault to discuss what they’ve learned, share their experiences, and introduce their next great adventure.

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